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In keeping with the company's heratige, boyland bottle co. provides a full line of full flavored vintage sodas sweetened with pure cane sugar





Dad’s Old Fashioned Root Beer is America’s Premium Root Beer. Dad’s is a unique root beer with a loyal following. Although new flavors have been introduced into the root beer category over the past 100 years, the essential ingredients are still wintergreen, licorice, and vanilla.





Seattle-based DRY Soda Co. has re-imagined what soda can be: better tasting and better for you. DRY Soda uses only four, all natural ingredients and keeps the pure cane sugar to a minimum. Each twelve-ounce bottle of DRY contains just 45 - 70 calories and 11 - 19 grams of sugar. The result is a less sweet soda that allows its fruit, flower and herbal flavors to shine through. DRY Soda is available in seven distinctive flavors - Wild Lime, Lavender, Blood Orange, Rhubarb, Juniper Berry, Vanilla Bean and Cucumber - each with a unique flavor profile that makes it refreshing to sip on its own, pair with a great meal or mix into the perfect drink.





"Ya gotta make a living somehow we chose the beverage world. Good old soda with a twist. No hidden meanings, no billion dollar ad campaigns. At Jones, we want you to buy a lot of soda and recycle the bottles. The labels are kinda like our minds - always changing. Run with the little guy...create some change."




Reed’s brews are the delicious revivals of a lost soda brewing art. Each batch is hand crafted with pride, carefully brewed and aged like fine wine in small batches by our expert brewmasters. They choose only the finest fresh herbs, roots, spices and fruits. They won’t let sugar, preservatives or artificial anything spoil Reed’s natural taste.





Without the Civil War, There Would Be No Vernors. Before the conflict began, James Vernor, a Detroit pharmacist, had concocted a new drink. When Vernor was called off to war in 1862, he stored the secret mixture in an oak cask in his pharmacy. After returning from battle four years later, he opened his secret keg and found the drink inside had been transformed.





Virgils is a micro-brewed root beer made with all-natural ingredients using herbs imported from around the world and unbleached pure cane sugar. "So Rich and Creamy You’ll Swear it was Made in Heaven."



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